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ARENA Art Space gives performance artists and creatives the podium to express themselves freely in an open-minded atmosphere.

The concept of Arena works like a travelling circus which connects creatives from all around. The space was founded in 2021 when the artist Angelika Czubasiewicz moved to Porto. After a conversation with her friends and artists the idea for ARENA Art Space was born. It came out of the need to find a space to give birth to new ideas, experiment, connect and share their creations with others. This was the initiation for the first Arena event. For this, the artist and host Angelika Czubasiewicz opened the doors to her garden and invited artists to perform their work in front of a live audience.


It’s a space for explorers, curious and courageous minds. Here we collectively care and count on each other. Arena can be anything that you want it to be.

Do you want to perform and share your work? Arena is a safe space where you can explore and unfold your artistic ideas freely.

You are welcome to be part of and join upcoming events! Either as an artist or a spectator.


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