I wanted to tell you a little bit about Arena because I got really involved in it.

It started spontaneously, with a conversation with friends, we talked about how cool it would be to use this space of mine that I'm renting. How cool would it be to test yourself in performance art in front of a live audience. Also to show others what we do in class, under the guidance of a teacher Rita Castro Neves.

I also wanted to test myself as a host. To create a space where we can experiment, discuss what we're doing, look at the reaction of people who.

Working with people gives me the most pleasure. Playing the role of organizer, being the decision maker, but also giving this podium to the artists, preparing this space for them to feel free and safe while expressing their thoughts.

I look at the excited, smiling faces that visit the Arena. We can count on each other, I feel it very clearly, people care about each other here. It is beautiful to see how, artists develop, how they show through what they do, what is important to them.

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