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At the Opposite Point of Contact





Angelika Czubasiewicz and Zuzia Łapka met on May 27th in full exposure and readiness for the transformation of their individual and relational selves. They stood face to face on the courtyard of the Academy of Fine Arts in Katowice, feeling as if the place had been created just for them. They expressed a desire to explore the deeper aspects of their relationship, which had recently been marked by dominating forces akin to fire and water. Their goal was reconciliation and transformation, regardless of the means to achieve it.

The performative act provides a powerful opportunity for authentic self-expression, where everything is possible - from meditation to the engagement of symbols and elements. The audience witnesses this event, and the artists do not escape from their expression.

The inner world and preparations before the performance are also a significant process. The performative act is a culmination that requires readiness. The day before the event, they engaged in meditation, shared their fears, and planned the arrangement while leaving room for spontaneity because it is precisely this uncertainty that makes it beautiful - the possibility.

video by Agata Fułat


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