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Black Water





On April 5th, at the Kronika Gallery in Bytom, during the vernissage, Angelika presented a performance titled "Renunciation." The artist sewed a white dress and prepared an installation consisting of metal beams with water. A saber was also suspended above the bathtub in the installation. A liquid that colored the water and the dress in the bathtub black was dripping from it.

On June 2nd, a continuation of the performance took place. The artist performed a performative act titled "Transformation of Black Water." Angelika dressed in a dress pulled from the water, with the help of the audience, she took the bathtub and went out to the Market Square in Bytom. Inspired by the alchemical process, the artist transformed sorrow into an esoteric artifact, using a thirty-meter canvas, her body, and black water. Contacting her subconscious, she allowed her body to speak, showing the way to healing.


"I stand there, in the nakedness of my emotions, this is my strength, this is my sword. Everything is now changing its place. White is black, and black is white. My story is now yours, and I take yours. And what will I do with it? What will you do?" - Angelika Czubasiewicz

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