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In collaboration between Angelika and Alexey Torgunakov, the Cape was created, in which artists record all their feelings related to nature, creating the opportunity to ask questions to plants through delicate and attentive contact with them. They strive to understand the language of plants by listening to them with sensitivity and devotion.

During the costume creation process, beautiful flowers were incorporated, attracting with their colors and fragrance. However, the first contact with them made the artist realize that they are covered with thousands of tiny thorns, which, apart from pleasure, inflict wounds on the hands. The project also utilizes plants from the wilderness, symbolizing the unwanted and often overlooked. It is a vivid rebellion of plants, in which the Dock, a despised weed that damages the foundations of buildings, the Field Horsetail, one of the oldest plants on Earth, and the Horsetail, known for its broad medicinal properties, become the voice of nature.

The performance "Cape" raises questions about human perfectionism, which sometimes leads to desperation. Mowing the grass to the exact centimeter and cutting down century-old chestnut trees symbolize our reluctance to engage with nature, even though our survival as humanity depends on harmonious coexistence with it. It is a manifesto that provokes deep reflection and a striving to understand our role in the ecosystem.


The costume element of Wood, created for the performance "Inflorescenc ," in the post-industrial landscape of Żabie Doły, on the border of the cities of Bytom and Chorzów.

video by Adrianna Kochańska


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