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Drops of Insanity





The performance titled "Drops of Insanity​“ is an extraordinary experience of transformation in which Angelika Czubasiewicz and Patrycja Nizio applied earth from places that represent their homes, tied to their identities. Now, these areas are exposed to degradation due to human activity. Along with the earth, they also took upon themselves the heavy stones of sorrow and regret.


This ritual experience opened the doors to a cathartic journey. Angelika, embodying the element of fire, purified, while Patrycja, representing the element of earth, nourished.


Throughout this performance, the artists existed in the present, palpably feeling and experiencing the future. They were spirit and flesh, simultaneously residing in the moment. Through transcendence, they transcended the confines of time. They discovered that time is not linear, and corporeality and physicality are just a spectrum of possibilities. As a result, they became like sisters to each other.

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