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Energy container

A ceramic sculpture with organic shapes, giving the impression as if the energy is locked inside. The energy is moving the walls.

If you come closer, you will notice a red edge at the connection between the lid and the bottom. Only this part is shiny and slender. The rest is rough and in the natural color of clay. Looking even closer we can see signs, symbols and markings carved into the surface. When we come even closer and put our ear to the Urn, we hear whispers coming from inside. 

The Urn is a shell, a skin. Without the chance for something to escape from inside to the outside. The ceramic vessel is a trap, it is a cage, it is a prison. It is an attempt to control the demons.




65 cm x 30 cm x 30 cm


The sculpture was used for three performances presented in 2022 in Porto: 

“Stone from the Heart”

“Tábula rasa”


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