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Inflorescenc is a space where the artist, Angelika Czubasiewicz, represents her world and symbols. Through sounds and moving images, she shares her thoughts and experiences. She explores her identity, examines the relationships between herself, the world, and other people. The performance is her way of coming out of the closet, baring herself through the allegory of her Planet. She aims to connect with people by sharing her stories, talking about trust and humanity. The imagined world represents five elements, bound together by a strong plant, creating a perfect whole. Everything becomes real for a moment, and the deep relationship between the elements is crucial. Emotional and physical well-being is the goal they strive for, questioning whether it leads to enlightenment and whether the soul is reaching out to them. Belief in these ideas makes them true.

This performance represents a diverse collaboration among artists from various fields, including painting, music, theater, and ballet. Together, they embodied five elements from ancient Chinese medicine: Zuzia Łapka - Water, Alexey Torgunakov - Wood, Patrycja Nizio - Earth, Paweł Sobczak - Metal, and Angelika Czubasiewicz - Fire. During their weekly rehearsals, they built deep relationships based on sincerity and trust.

As an artist, Angelika used her dreamlike visions to create choreography and scenography. She also prepared dedicated costumes for each of the five elements. The ritualistic performance served as the culmination of their preparations and was presented during her diploma defense on July 4, 2023, at the Academy of Fine Arts in Katowice.

video by Aleksander Steblik


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