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MAGMA Liquid Rock





Meeting of two tectonic plates. Preparing for an explosion. Chaos. Destruction. Death. Fire. Stuffiness. Slowly settling dust that will fertilize and prepare the land for the new. A new beginning. The end is a new beginning. There is nothing more alive than death.


"MAGMA Liquid Rock" performance is a collaborative project by Angelika Czubasiewicz and Sofia Rocha. The event took place simultaneously in two different locations, Porto, Portugal, and Katowice, Poland, during the A-Brio event organized by the student committee of the Academy in Porto. The artists utilized cameras, projectors, and a live streaming platform for this purpose. They opened a portal that enabled them to have a multidimensional encounter, and this medium became an alternative to continue their collaboration.

Like the shockwave following an eruption in Tonga, they could feel their presence despite thousands of kilometers of distance.

Soundscapes by Igor Warykiewicz

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