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MAGMA Liquid Rock





Magma Liquid Rock is a collaborative project by Angelika Czubasiewicz and Sofia Rocha that took place simultaneously in two different locations, Porto, Portugal, and Katowice, Poland, du- ring the A-Brio event organized by the student committee of the Faculty of Fine Arts in Porto.

Using cameras, projectos and a livestreaming platform we materialized a portal that enabled us to have a multidimensional encounter. We perform ritualistic actions in simultaneum al- though we are in different locations. Before the performance we created a flexible outline of what we would do: we would both have a cotton fabric, bigger than our bodies, laid out on the floor, we would also have charcoal, amulets, a crafted compass and a drawing, split in half. During the performance, we deposited our intentions of a telepathic meeting in our materials and instruments. All of the necessary elements were imbued with magical powers. Through intuited ritualistic actions each one of us opened a portal, one in Katowice and another in Porto. Both these portals give access to an immaterial magma chamber in the subsoil, traversing the distance between the two cities and allowing for invisible transits between both.

Soundscapes by Igor Warykiewicz in Katowice and Adriana Matos in Porto.

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