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The only and final


The Chosen One

The person who is to bring the final solution to the problem, evil, sin and death in the world, establish the messianic kingdom being our paradise, surpassing the happiness of the first



Beauty, light, a fresh start




He is a fearless speaker, accepting the risk of speaking the truth not out of compulsion,

for his speech is free and comes from a pure sense of duty.

It is a blank page on which you can write your story all over again, every day.


Often the fear of the truth is a very powerful impulse, bringing such powerful change that our readiness

for it is paralysis.

The thought of a future world was security.

There is no tomorrow, there is only here and now.

It brings down the whole system.


The truth and the answer is written within us. In some strange way it is scrambled and hard for us to look at.


Every person we meet on our path is our reflection. These metaphorical mirrors come to show us things

we can't see, they reflect this encrypted truth.


I am ready to hear, I am ready to see. 

What you come to me with, I will accept anything. 

I invite you.


I let all the suffering into my heart, I want to feel it fully. 

I want this pain to resound in every inch of my body, in every part of me.

I give that emotion space and the right to be. I invite them in and watch us become one.


It will set me free and bring me solace.


During this performance, the artist transformed her emotions. She immersed herself in the deep red of suffering so that every inch of her body felt it. She gave herself to it to see if she would find relief and solace.


Documentation Jaron Plochg

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