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People who visit other dimensions interest me. Therefore, I studied them. In my study, I tried to find out how these dimensions look and where to find them. During this process, I found out that I need to open a door. Open a portal that will take me to this dimension.
I have spoken to many people and each describes this phenomenon differently. There are as many dimensions as there are beings in the universe. What if each of us is a different, unique dimension? I stopped in my research at the 'door' that takes me there.
Entering the door/gateway is supposedly a complicated process, to go to another world I have to enter the portal. To enter the portal I have to ...? This is where the problem begins. I need to find it? I need to create it, open it? How does it look like? Where is it? Do I have access to it?
The portal is one unknown, many people believe that it does not exist, that it is just a fantasy.

Residency at DOOResidency at het Hembrugterrein

Curated by Aleksandra Wojt

Photography by Maarten Boswijk


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