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The Lake





Performance "Lake," a collaboration between Angelika Czubasiewicz and Milena Kebede, took place on June 22, 2023, at the Space in Katowice.

During the performance, Milena assumed the role of a confidante for Angelika's past trauma. Her mission was to accompany Angelika in her suffering and act as an intermediary in the process of spiritual rebirth. Milena inscribed words on Angelika's body, which served as tangible evidence of the past, for which there once lacked the strength.

Angelika's skin became a canvas on which the story of the Lake in the magical realm of Kwiatostan unfolded. The Lake became a metaphor for childhood and a place where hidden issues lay beneath the cloak of silence—seemingly forgotten but still relevant wounds.

In the past, Angelika couldn't enter the Lake, plunging herself into the pain of the past. She lacked the strength and preparation at that time. However, now, with the support she received, she had a chance to immerse herself in this symbolic Lake.


Angelika's nudity symbolized the unveiling of her soul, and her exposed body was covered with words that reflected shame, pride, pain, and strength. In a movement full of symbolism, Milena, kneeling at Angelika's feet, baptized her in the Lake of words, concluding the performance with an act of spiritual transformation.

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