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Angelika Czubasiewicz (Silesia, 1994)


Graduate of painting at the Academy of  Fine Arts in Katowice with a diploma with distinction. She completed her primary diploma in the  interdisciplinary studio with Dr. Leslaw Tetla and Dr. Joanna Zdzienicka-Obałek. The sculpture annex was realized in the studio of Dr. Michał Smandek. In 2021, she was an intern at DOOR Creative Studio in Amsterdam. She participated in Erasmus program during last academic year (2021-2022) when she was studying at the Faculdade de Belas Artes da Universidade do Porto. 


As an artist, she assumes many roles in the creative process. She serves as a scriptwriter, director, scenographer, costume designer, and choreographer. Her performances can be attributed to two streams: the ritualistic, based on collective memory and unconsciousness, myths, archetypes, symbols, and the biographical, which focuses on her personal experiences. In her art, she not only expresses herself but also engages in a dialogue with the audience, sharing thoughts, emotions, and rekindling the magic of art.


Angelika is also the founder of Arena Art Space, an organization dedicated to educational and community-oriented projects in the field of performative art in Europe.

She has participated in individual and collective events both in Poland and abroad (Netherlands, Portugal). Selected exhibitions:



2023 – Inflorescenc, Sala Otwarta, Katowice

2020 – Come, I’ll show you a gateway to another dimension, Gwar Przestrzeń, Katowice

2019 – Portal Installation, BA\SEN, Katowice


Group exhibitions:

2023 – A-Brio, ASP, Katowice/FBAUP, Porto

2023 – Lombard, Kronika, Bytom

2023 – XSS, Rozbark, Bytom​

2022 – Saído do Armário, FBAUP, Porto​

2022 – Porta aberta, ARENA Art Space, Porto

2022 – UA! UA!, OKNa, Porto

2021 – Artist in Residency, Door Creative Studio, Amsterdam

2020 – Process, Rondo Sztuki, Katowice

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